Mar 31 2013

Plume on JB.

Here is a twitter client that seems pretty accessible. we take you threw what all it can do, and we get a bit frustrated adding a facebook columb as well.

Mar 31 2013

Pro Weather Alert in JB

A really good program for monitoring weather alerts. We show you Pro Weather Alert. We show you how to set it up, and what preferences you have to configure.

Mar 26 2013

Rom Manager

For those of you that either have a custom rom installed, or you are considering it, this is a program we suggest you have in your toolbox. You will find it makes installing roms so much easier.

Mar 22 2013

Some of the benifits of a custom rom

People often ask what are the benifits of putting a custom rom on your phone. Well, we show you just a few of the benifits on this podcast.

Mar 20 2013

Battery saving tips for All versions of Android

Have you wondered why your phone eats your battery for breakfast? We discuss different things that can effect your battery usage, and offer tips on how to save your precious battery life.

Mar 07 2013

Unboxing and first time setup of the Nexus 4

This podcast was done for us by someone that has been an IPhone user, but wants to try out the Android seen. Here is his first android phone unboxing, and setup, and with no sighted assistance.

Mar 05 2013

Putting TTS engines to the test

We put three popular TTS engines to the test. Google, Ivona, and Acapella to see how they stack up.

Mar 04 2013

Easy Ap Toolbox Backup

We show you a free program that allows you to backup, and restore your apps to your SD card, dropbox, google drive, ETC, and has an interesting pay what you feel the program is werth in the app.

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