Jun 20 2016

Bad live chat service threw Namecheap

I know there are probibly going to be some people that say I am being a bit too nit picky, but I think this was totally unacceptable. I know I got put in the wrong queue, and so part of it might be a little understandable, but I still believe this should have been handled a lot better. the following is the conversation between me, and the live chat help desk threw namecheap.

Your Question: can I get a small extention on my billing that is do on the 27th?

Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Christina Trush – Domains Support

11:58Christina Trush:
Hello, you’ve contacted Live Support! Please give me a minute to look through the question you asked.

11:59Christina Trush:
Please provide more details on your issue.

12:00Jarrod Jicha:
what part of my question didn’t you understand? I am simply asking for a couple days, or at most a week extention so my server doesn’t get shut off. I can pay on the first, but not the 27th.

12:01Christina Trush:
Are you referring to a domain name, please?

12:01Christina Trush:
Or perhaps, to a hosting plan.

12:02Jarrod Jicha:
a server, a hosting plan. do you have a number, so I can call and just talk to someone if that would be easier?

12:03Christina Trush:
Namecheap does not provide phone support at the moment. Our customers are currently assisted 24/7/365 in Live Chat and at our ticket helpdesk.

12:03Christina Trush:
Please allow me a few minutes to contact corresponding department for them to check if anything can be done.

12:03Christina Trush:
Kindly hold on.

12:07Christina Trush:
Would you please provide me with: 1) your Namecheap username and 2) your Support PIN? You can find your Support PIN at https://ap.www.namecheap.com/Profile/Security

12:08Jarrod Jicha:
username is jamminjerry2015, and pin is 3006

12:09Christina Trush:
Thank you, please hang on for a few minutes for me to check the details provided.

12:14Christina Trush:
Sorry for the delay, I will transfer the chat to corresponding department now.

12:14Christina Trush:
Please hang on.

Alina Lymar has joined the conversation.

12:16Alina Lymar:
Hello Jarrod!

12:16Alina Lymar:
I will assist you further!

Christina Trush has left the conversation.

12:17Alina Lymar:
Please let me explain how the renewal system works.

12:17Jarrod Jicha:

12:18Alina Lymar:
The invoice is issued 7 days prior to the renewal date, in your case it is Jun/27, thus, the invoice was issued on Jun/20. Please note that after the renewal date, you will have 3 more days to pay the invoice. Your dedicated server will be suspended on Jun/30 if there is no payment provided.

12:19Alina Lymar:
Kindly let me know if you still need the postponement for your server.

12:19Jarrod Jicha:
I need a slight extention. not a post ponement. I need until july first, so I can pay my bill. I won’t have the money until july first..

12:21Alina Lymar:
Thank you for clarification, Jarrod. I will re-issue the invoice for your right away.

12:24Jarrod Jicha:
is the reissuing of my invoice going to give me until at least july first to pay my bill so that my server doesn’t get shut off?

12:24Alina Lymar:
Thank you for waiting, I made all the necessary adjustments and postponed the payment for your dedicated server. Please make the payment no later than Jul/1 to avoid your service interruption.

12:25Jarrod Jicha:
ok, thank you.

12:25Alina Lymar:
You are most welcome! Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.

12:26Jarrod Jicha:
nope that will do it. thanks again.

12:26Alina Lymar: Not at all, I was glad to help you. Feel free to contact us any time.

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