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Hey there everyone! I am glad you decided to check out my personal site on the internet. here you can check out my blog, my personal radio station, or my android podcasts!


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New Internet Station


That is right a new station. You didn't see that wrong. For those of you that know, I had a radio station for about 5 and a half years called JJRN. The station launched on January first 2007. It was fun running it, but near the end, it was falling apart, and some accusations came about by one person. Because of this, JJRN was shut down on May first of 2012. That was one of the hardest desitions I have had to make. At the time, I was so upset that I didn't think I would get back into internet radio. For the next month, I reolized a lot of things the least of wich was that I really missed running a station, and that I missed broadcasting. After doing some thinking I decided to start a new station called PhoenixFire FM. This station is better in some reguards as we now have two stations. One of them is the family side, wair you can listen to it with your kids, as you would hear the same radio edits you would hear on regular comertial radio. The other side is the XTreme side. This is the side that is for adults. It isn't pornagraphic, but does contain non radio edits of songs. Also another thing that is different is that any donations, and bills are clearly kept track of threw a money managing program, and all transactions can be provided to people upon request.


Android Podcast Page


May 6, 2011 I decided to dive into android. This was a very new experiance for me, and I have had to do a lot of learning along the way. Thanks to great resources like the eyes-free email list I have learned how to use android, and I want to pass along my experiances to other blind persons, so they can learn how to use programs on there android. There are two pages. There is the PRE-ICS podcast page wich is about Froyo, and gingerbread. All podcasts on this page are done on either a Froyo android phone, or a gingerbread phone. The other page is my ICS podcast page. All podcasts on this page are ICS only. For those of you that might not know, ICS stands for Icecream Sandwich.


My Personal Blog Page


Finally you can visit my personal blog. I will warn you though there could be adult language on this blog. This is wair I will talk about myself, things I do, things I have read about, things that anger me, news articles, and other things like that. I am going to figure out how to set it to wair people can post comments if they are registered members only, but anyone that is not a member will not be aloud to post a comment at all. I am not going threw wair I have to aprove things all the time, because 90 percent of them are usually junk, and spam posts.