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Sep 10 2016

baby Jay’ssnuggapuppy musical swing.

Sep 08 2016

my thoughts on the iPhone 7 and missing headphone jack. People won’t like me.

Aug 19 2016

Baby J was born this afternoon.

Aug 18 2016

here is a@canadianlynx1 and baby J update

Aug 16 2016

for those of you who were asking about May, please listen to this update.

Aug 13 2016

do not drink anything when listening to this audio boom! You have been warned. This proves my spelling sucks.

Aug 10 2016

just a bit of an update on things.

Aug 03 2016

an update on how things are going with me.

Jun 05 2016

A rant about people who cheat with swarm.

May 20 2016

hey @levtecaccess you want your advertising, and me to mention you? Here you go.

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