Category: Accessibility

Oct 18 2014

Audio updates done a new way

Hello there everyone! thanks to Amanda of my blog has been fixed up. not only are my podcasts now on my blog, but I can do audio posts like this one. I hope this works, but if you click the following link, you should be able to hear the audio updates.

Jun 27 2014

A first look at Android L (Developer Version)

We take a quick first look at the Developer version of Android L, and show you some things that have changed.

Apr 27 2014

just a quick test now that things are fixed.

This is just a quick test post now that things have been updated. I have to thank Amanda Rush for helping get everything all updated, and showing me how to use it. it seems like things work a bit better with window eyes now that she did a bit of work on here. thanks much.

Apr 16 2013

Testing posting with my android.

This is a test from my android phone. I am testing to see if I can do blog post using my voice with voice dictation. I don’t know how well this will work, but its worth a try. If this works I made you post like this a lot more in the future.

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