Jan 30 2013

by request: Google Now in JB.

Requested by Jaan Ali on the Eyes-free list, here is a brief deminstration of Google Now in Jelly Bean

Jan 24 2013

activating accessibility from setup screen

if you do a factory reset to a Jelly Bean phone, or you get a Jelly Bean phone, and turn it on for the first time, this will show you how to enable accessibility at the start up screen, and what you could expect.

Jan 23 2013

Happen News Reader in JB

a very accessible news reader for android.

Jan 22 2013

Beyond Pod on JB

Here is an alternative to Dogcatcher. Beyond Pod is very easy to use, even though some of the buttons are not labeled.

Jan 22 2013

UpSoundDown on JB

Here is a nice program for switching to speaker phone without pressing buttons on your phone

Jan 22 2013

Weatherbug on Jelly bean not so great

We show you that in our opinion weatherbug isn’t exactly the greatest. sure it is usable, but it seems a bit clunky to navigate, drains your battery, and doesn’t even give you all the information you would want.

Jan 20 2013

The Future of how my podcasts will work

For those of you that are used to my podcasts being on seprate pages, you will want to listen to this. This one is current as of today, so please listen to it it will explain how things will work in the future.

Jan 20 2013

The Free Version of GSam Battery Moniter

This app can show you not only the battery percentage, but estimated until full charge. We walk you threw the settings, show you the main screen, and even show you how to make a wigit so you can quickly access the battery information you want faster.

Jan 20 2013

Launchers, Launchers Everywair!

the stock launcher, we find that adding icons to homescreens isn’t what we liked. Next apex, one of its flaws is not telling you what screen you are on. Finally Nova Launcher, changing an icon on the home screen isn’t as easy as editing it on the fly.

Jan 20 2013

**UPDATED** Battle of the screen readers under Jelly Bean

We start with talkback then move onto Mobile Accessibility, and run into some very interesting results, Finally we check out spiel, and find out that it isn’t completely ready for Jelly Bean just yet.

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