Feb 27 2013

EqualEyes Part 2 with talkback in JB

This is part 2 of the EqualEyes series. we finish looking at the programs in this set of apps, and give you our final thoughts on the program as a whole.

Feb 26 2013

Part 1 of EqualEyes with Talkback

This is part one of a two part series on a Beta program with a set of apps in it called EqualEyes. We show you how it works with Talkbacks latest beta, and several of the apps, and give our thoughts too.

Feb 25 2013

Shiprack Package Tracker on JB

Are you one of those people that constently refresh a carriers page to see wair your package is at? if so, then Shiprack is for you!

Feb 24 2013

AudioBoo two Beta in JB

As some of you remember the Audioboo program wasn’t very accessible. Well now the new beta of this takes care of this problem. We take you threw logging in, the settings, recording a boo, and publishing that boo.

Feb 20 2013

The Basics on Heytell.

This was done on Jelly Bean, but we quickly discuss a couple differences in Gingerbread. We just give you the basics for using Heytell, and show you the settings, and how to add someone as well.

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