Apr 30 2013

Utter (Beta)

Here is a personal assistent that is in beta, but is well werth a look.

Apr 16 2013

Testing posting with my android.

This is a test from my android phone. I am testing to see if I can do blog post using my voice with voice dictation. I don’t know how well this will work, but its worth a try. If this works I made you post like this a lot more in the future.

Apr 16 2013

testing with window-eyes 8.1 and IE10

this is just a quick test to see if word press is now working with IE10, and window-eyes 8.1. last year when I trtied this, I think I had window-eyes 7.5 and IE9 and I had loads of issues with this. so lets see if I can do this properly.

Apr 05 2013

Screen Filter, and Screen Standby Root

This podcast was requested by Garry. In this one we look at two apps for making the screen darker. The first one is Screen Filter, and the second one is called Screen Standby Root.

Apr 05 2013

APK Installer

in this podcast Scott shows us yet another way for people to install APK files to there android device.

Apr 01 2013

Cyanogen Mod

Bill gives us an in-depth description of Cyanogen Mod followed by a tour of its settings. You can contact him at billkd2008@gmail.com

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