May 25 2013

NFC Task Launcher

This podcast covers the topic of NFC tags and how to program them with NFC Task Launcher which can be found in the Play Store for free. It should be noted that your phone needs to have NFC enabled to use these NFC tags.

May 24 2013

Tweetings, a twitter client

In this podcast we show you another very accessible, and very good twitter client called tweetings. We show you that it is very customizable, and even has push notifications, and so much more!

May 15 2013

The latest version of Google Play Music 5/15/2013

We check out the accessibility of the latest version of Google Play Music on two different phones, and we are not very impressed at all you judge for yourself

May 14 2013

Getting Started with Gingerbread

Bill gives us an in-depth look at Android 2.3 Gingerbread including the setup wizard. Please see the longer discription for more information. If you wish to contact Bill, please feel free to email him at

May 02 2013

Dragon assistant

Jerry walks you threw part of Dragon assistant, and shows you the settings as well.

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