Aug 21 2013 security system app in JB

This app works for any security system that uses to log into it. we show you the app, how to use it, and even how to label unlabeled graphics, a feature available in JB 4.3, and the latest beta of talkback.

Aug 07 2013

AOKP by Bill Dengler

Bill Dengler shows us some of the benefits of flashing the Android Open Kang Project, an aftermarket ROM based on Cyanogen Mod. of its tweaks aren’t usable with talk back, while some are very useful. email for more information.

Aug 07 2013

An Overview of Extreme Call Blocker Stealth by John Moore

This is an overview of Extreme Call Blocker Stealth, a very powerful call/text blocking app for Android. This actually includes a demo of blocking itself, as one of my friends volunteered to be a, uh, victim.

Aug 07 2013

Baofeng-UV5R diminstration

Jarrod shows you the layout of the Baofeng-UV5R, compares some of it’s features to the Wouxon radio, and walks you threw programming a repeter.

Aug 01 2013

Podcast 01: Social-Eyes by GWMicro

Social-Eyes is a program for accessing facebook. In this podcast, JamminJerry shows you how to install Social-Eyes, and shows you the basics of how to use it.

Aug 01 2013

Equal-Eyes July 2013 (part 2)

This is part 2 of the Equal-Eyes updated podcast. In this one, we show you screens 2, and 3 of the app, add, and remove shortcuts, and give you our thoughts on the program.

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