May 28 2014

Diceworld on Android

In this podcast we take a look at the extremely popular IPhone game that has now come to Android called Diceworld. We sign in, and start a game with a friend, and we show you how accessible it is with Talkback.

May 27 2014

My thoughts on Chris Reagan assumption about me.

May 23 2014

Using win Builder with jaws for Windows? Can anyone help me with this? You will be compensated a little bit.

May 22 2014

What is wrong with PayPal’s website? Here’s what happens when I go to it.

May 22 2014

A follow up boo to my information about building an image from Brian smarts program.

May 22 2014

Building a talking windows installer off of Brian Smart image, that will enable me to restore a Windows image.

May 19 2014

A test boo for my website.

May 12 2014

Siri VS Google Now

we show you the differences between Siri on the IPhone, and Google Now on android.

May 06 2014

Glance, and ETI Elequence

We take a quick look at glance, and the ETI Elequence text to speach engine.

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