Jun 30 2015

a game for the IPhone called Orange Tree.

In this podcast I show you a very cheesy game for the IPhone that is fully accessible called Orange tree.

Jun 30 2015

saying goodbye to my MacBook air, and why.

Jun 30 2015

my thoughts on a couple news articles.

Jun 25 2015

and update to the Adkins forever safe security crap. Talk about unbelievable.

Jun 24 2015

The great iPhone six debate has an answer! Listen to find out.

Jun 24 2015

The big iPhone six debate. Can you help?

Jun 20 2015

testing audio boom with posting to my blog.

Jun 20 2015

Don’t ever go threw Adkins Safe Security

Hello everyone reading this post. Before you read this, just know it is nothing personal against the person that owns the company I am about to talk about. This is strictly business. I just hope that anyone that reads this who lives in the state of Ohio never goes threw Adkins Forever Safe Security after reading this post. you will see a letter that I wrote to Charles, after this had been going on for a while, and any emails back and forth between him and I. I have stripped out any reference to his email address. I have also stripped out my phone number, but trust that in the actual email to him, both my email address, and my phone number are both there.

While I think that the proof in this post would be more than enough to win a court case, trust me there are a couple phone calls as well, that help prove things even more.

This all started around February 16th I do believe. My sister put me in contact with Charles, as he is someone that from what she told me is close to the family, and had started his own security system company. I talked to him, and after talking to him, I liked how he would be doing things. You pay for the system out right, and then you are not under any contracts.

at any rate, I had made my first payment on February 19, 2015 wich was the down payment as he called it for $150.00. He had told me that once I had the system paid half way off, he would go ahead and order the system, and get it installed. near the beginning of march I made a payment that had the system paid half way off as the system was $1400.00. he then brings up a $200.00 installation fee, payment a couple weeks later. I was shocked, as this was never discussed, but he said it wasn’t a problem we could just tack it on the rest of the price, and I could continue making my weekly payments.

To make this really long story short, he received the final payment on April 23, 2015, and this also included another $400.00 for a lifetime warenty. For those of you probibly doing the math, this is a grand total of $2000.00. He claims to have installed it on May first, wich odly enough I wasn’t home for. I was in the hospital. We then find out that it had not been changed, and I had confronted him about it. Communication went down hill, and now you will see the letter I sent him, and the responces afterwords.

so this is the letter I wrote to Charles Adkins on 5/13/2015. Keep in mind that he had been fully paid and he claimed that on May 1, 2015 he had installed the system. As you will be able to tell, I have been extremely patient until now.

Dear Charles,

I know you have a lot going on lately, and I am sure this letter won’t help much. Infact you might be mad at me by the end of it, but it is my hope that you read this letter in its intirity before you react to it, and it is also my hope that you really can understand why I am writing this, and that this can be corrected.

I know we have had this conversation before about if you did indead put the security system in. at the time, you said you did, and I took you at your word, however, a few things have came to light, and I want you to see what I now know, and remember I don’t say things like this unless I can prove it.

First of all, you said you installed a 5200. I called guardian Alarm to find out the moddle number of the one they installed. they told me it was a 5100, just like you told me. I then asked them if there was a way we could tell the 5100 from the 5200. they told me that the 5100 has four physical buttons on it, and when honeywell came out with the 5200 they took it down to two buttons.

I ferther asked them if there was a way I could find the moddle number, so I could be assured beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new system had been installed. they said no, there was no way in the menus to see the moddle number, but that if I popped part of the pannel off, and looked at the back of it, the moddle number would be right there. I thanked the person for there time, and got off the phone.

I grabbed my IPhone, as it has video capability, and asked alicia if she could help me, and I started recording. emagin my supprise when first of all, I felt four buttons on the face of the machine, and not two. Also when alicia popped off the face of the pannel, and showed the moddle number, again, I was shocked to hear her tell me the moddle number was “SPA5100” I later found out there was a little more to the moddle number by a friend of mine that watched the video. The whole moddle number is “SPA5100-GA”. I wonder what the GA could stand for? Maybe “Guardian Alarm?

Another thing we noticed is we went into the zones on the pannel, and the front door sensor you did install is not listed at all. We know you did install a front door sensor, that we all can agree upon, however, it isn’t even listed, and you even told me you tested it. This doesn’t even mention the dust on the top of the pannel. several people that watched the video, and people who have been here, and seen the system say that there shouldn’t be that much dust on a “brand new system that was installed almost two weeks ago.”

Like I said, I wouldn’t say this stuff if it wasn’t provable. now I know you use an android, and I don’t think you can watch .MOV files on an android, however, on a laptop, or desktop computer, if you install quick time, you can watch a .MOV file just fine. here is the URL to the video.

video proof the security system was never changed

Yes in the beginning Guardian Alarm was a bit of a paine, I understand that, but I took care of that near the end of March, so this should have been installed, and up and running by now, in fact I would even venture to say should have been done no later than april 10. There have been no written contracts that I have had to sign at all, even reguarding payments. There was more than three times, where you had to contact your third party merchant company to make corrections to what they were taking from me, and you even said I wasn’t the only customer this was happening too.

For me, this has been one giant headache after another, and I just want to resolve this once and for all. This is nothing personal against you as I have stated, so please don’t take it that way. As I see this, we have two options at this point.

The first option would obviously be the easiest. I paid $1400.00 for a *BRAND NEW* honeywell 5200 system, wich was suppose to include the pannel, a keyfob, a mossion sensor, a smoke detector, and I thought you said two door sensors. I also paid $400.00 for a lifetime warenty that covered the system, and I even paid the $200.00 for the installation fee. As I have shown above, and even in the video, this is not what has been done. I do admit that you did install a front door sensor. so the best option would be for you to admit to me that you didn’t install the new system, and you correct this problem. you bring the new system, and install it, while someone is here, so that there are no doubts things were done this time. You also get me set up with monitoring that has the alarm.com that I wanted like we have been talking about for a couple weeks now.

The second option is not what I want, however, it is your choice if you go this roubt, and I know it wouldn’t be as easy as the first option. I would want the money back for the security system, wich is the $1400.00, plus the $400.00 for the lifetime warenty. I would be willing to overlook half of the $200.00 for the install fee, as I said you did install a front door sensor, wich I know generally costs around $75.00, however, it needs to be programmed with the old system if you do indead go this roubt. This would be a total of $1900.00 that you would owe me back.

As I stated, This is nothing personal at all. I am very glad I was able to go threw you to get the medical monitoring system, and I had no issues with that at all, but the medical and the security are two totally differant things.

I really hope that this can be resolved quickly and to the best for both of us. I am sure you might want to take a couple days to think it over, but please don’t take too long, as I am sure you would like this resolved as well. As it stands right now, I think I have been extremely pationt threwout this whole ordeal. I am going to give you 30 (thirty) days from the date of receiving this email to respond to me about what you would like to do. If you don’t answer me, in the 30 (thirty) days, or nothing is being done within the time period, I will have no choice but to take your company to court to get the situation resolved. As I have said before, this option is not what I would like doing at all, and I wouldn’t want to do at all, as I think you can be a nice person, but this is nothing personal, this is business.

you can reach me one of two ways. you can either email me at jamminjerry2011@gmail.com so that there is a paper trail of what is going on, or you can call me, on my house/business phone at +1-567-***-**** wich you know is recorded, so there is a verbal record of what is going on. as long as you contact me, and explain things to me, I am very reasonable, and will work with you, but I just think this needs resolved, not just for me, but for you as well.

After about a week, I get a call from him, and I ask him if he read the email I sent to him. He tells me that he was at the hospital with I think he said his step daughter, and he didn’t get a lot of email that week. He asks could I send it again, wich I did. his responce was the following.

From: Charles Adkins
Sent: Thursday, May 21, 2015 9:05 AM
To: Jarrod Jicha
Subject: Re: **IMPORTANT** what are we doing reguarding the security system

Yes we will resolve this no worries my friend

So I give him time to respond to this, yes he said he would resolve it, but then I don’t hear from him again! Another week goes by, and I send him the following email.

On May 28, 2015 7:21 AM, “Jarrod Jicha wrote:
OK, well here it is another week gone by. You said, ” Yes we will resolve this no worries my friend”, but so far, I haven’t heard anything else on the situation. What are you wanting to do to resolve this, and shouldn’t we be talking about what we are doing, and when?

I got the following reply.

From: Charles Adkins
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 7:22 AM
To: Jarrod Jicha
Subject: RE: **IMPORTANT** what are we doing reguarding the security system

It will take time maybe you don’t realize the set back I have from merchant services

To wich I replied

On May 28, 2015 7:41 AM, “Jarrod Jicha” wrote:
well, the first thing I need to know is what you are doing to fix the situation. if you are installing the system, then that shouldn’t take any time, as you told me you had already baught that back in march. if you are paying me back, then yes I do understand that you need to make money, before you can pay me, but at the same time, if that is what you are doing, then we need to set up how you are paying me, and things like that.

that is what I am getting at here. you haven’t told me anything. you just said we are going to fix it. you didn’t say how, or anything like that. communication goes a very long way. when you don’t tell someone what is going on that is where problems can arise.

His responce to this was.

From: Charles Adkins
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2015 8:17 PM
To: Jarrod Jicha
Subject: RE: **IMPORTANT** what are we doing reguarding the security system

Actually I’m worried I’m going under please give until next Thursday to answer this question this merchant stuff has really done a number on me . I’m sorry .

my final responce to him was this, and I don’t think I was wrong in saying it.

From: Jarrod Jicha
Sent: Fri 5/29/2015 7:53 AM
To: Charles Adkins
Subject: RE: **IMPORTANT** what are we doing reguarding the security system

wow. I am very sorry to hear this. sure, I can give you until next thursday that is not a problem, but do you know what this almost tells me? No, I am not trying to make you mad with this either. I am just putting what I know together. this almost tells me that you never even baught the system, and I will tell you why I say this.

when I gave you the two choices of either installing the correct system, or paying me back, if you had the system, you would have said I will install the system. or even if you are not emotionally able to do it, you would have at the very least brought me the box with the system in it, and I am sure alicia and I could have figured it out. that would have been the easiest way, and simplest way for you to have corrected this whole problem.

for you to tell me that you need a week to figure things out, and for you to tell me, maybe I don’t understand the number the murchant company put you threw, kind of tells me you plan on paying me back, but that you don’t have the money, and that you just don’t want to say it.

I am truely sorry to hear that this might be happening, and I do feel bad about the situation, and I do hope you can recover from it soon.

Now for the last email so far, here was Charles responce.

From: Charles Adkins
Sent: Fri 5/29/2015 7:55 AM
To: Jarrod Jicha
Subject: RE: **IMPORTANT** what are we doing reguarding the security system
Thank you I will let you know asap

After this email, I haven’t heard a thing from him VIA email. now, to be fair, he did contact my sister Monica VIA text message. I don’t remember the date, and I don’t fully remember the wording of the text message, but something about the trip he was going on would determain his business, so he would let me know when he got back. Here is the thing. I don’t know if he even took the trip, and nore have I heard from him.

The bottom line about this whole thing is, and I am just going to say it here, and now. I personally don’t think he ever baught the system back in march like he says he did! I really wish I had the email proving that he said he baught it, but I don’t have it on the computer. my emails only go back to I think march 16 2015. I do believe though I could somehow go threw everything on GMails web site, as even if you delete an email it is still there, but that is beyond the point. The intire point of this statement here is that if he never baught the system, like I think he didn’t, then he lied to me ever sence he told me he purchased it. It is simple! when I told him what his two options were, if he had the system, he should have just said, I will bring you the system. Hell! If he was mad at me, he could have said here, now hook it up yourself, but the point is I would at least have had the system, and none of these emails would have had to happen.

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