Jul 23 2016

Baby, Jobs, and Moving! OH Migh!

Wow! Where has this year gone? it almost seems like yesterday, or last week, that I was finding out that my girlfriend was pregnant, wich actually accured January 11. Would you believe it here we are in the second half of July. A lot has happened this year. We have moved once, I lost one job because of down sizing, rebranding, ETC, and what not, and found out we are having a baby boy! Can we safely say that this has been a rather busy year, and it isn’t even done yet? Well that is still proving true, meaning we are still busy.

May, and I are in the last week of training for a new job. Yep! That is right a new job, and for may this is her very first actual paying job too. I am very very proud of her. We will be working for Red Roof Inn. We will be working from home, but with what is happening around february, or march we could even work from the call center if we wished, and even apply for jobs that would require us to maybe even work from the call center. We start working July 31. Well, I start working, and then have a day off, and then work again, but May doesn’t actually start until April 2nd as she has Sunday, and Monday off.

Speaking of what happens a couple months into next year, we will be moving again. You heard it right! How do we know we will deffinitly be moving? Well, we already know our address, and we already know that once this house is finished, meaning what all they need to do to it, the land lord has already said it is ours. We are first on the list. This will put us a lot closer to our work place for one thing, and while some would say the transpertation here is offle, it is a bit better than the transpertation in Kenton. I am not saying it is bad in Kenton, but it would be a bit better here. We would also be able to pertisipate in work functions, such as cook outs, appreciation weeks, ETC. One of our co-workers deserves a lot of thanks here, as she talked to her land lord, and that is how we found a place already.

As most of you know, Baby J is on his way, and if he has his way, sooner than planned. This has been really exciting for me, being there for the whole pregnancy. According to may, this pregnancy has deffinitly been a differant one for her, as he is … … … how does she put it? … … … trying to out do his siblings. If we can keep him where he is suppose to be, he will be born August 29th at around 9:00, but if he has his way, he could be sooner than that. He is already playing the “let me out” game,wich caused may to have to go to the hospital two weeks ago. Thank goodness we have most of everything we will need just incase he says, “enough is enough it is time to blow this popcycle stand”.

So as you can tell, with the new job, the baby boy on the way, and the move, things are going to stay very busy for us for a while. At this rate, next summer will be here before we know it!

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