Mar 17 2016

towns that make you use specific trashbags piss me off.

Feb 28 2016

A suggestion for an iPhone app.

Feb 25 2016

The gloves have officially come off!

Feb 20 2016

absolutely beautiful day here in Kenton ohio

Feb 19 2016

attempted to show you how windy it is outside here in my area of Ohio.

Feb 19 2016

demo of a talking scale we just got

Feb 18 2016

my thoughts on the Apple versus the FBI.

Feb 04 2016

does anyone remember the show Golden Palace? I don’t, and after this, I’m glad I don’t.

Jan 15 2016

#facebook can’t you just leave things alone?

Jan 11 2016

A bad day turns into a great day in 2.2 seconds.

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